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Trial collection with minimal metadata and no curation step in the publication process.

NOTE: Datasets you publish to this trial collection will be accessible to others, may be removed without notice, will be assigned handle URLs (not DOIs), and should be limited to 1GB in size. This collection is for trial purposes only.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2018STFC DatasetVasiliadis, Vas
17-Dec-2018Gregs not so interesting data for NiHNawrocki, Gregory
17-Dec-2018test deploy 20181217aKordas, John
11-Dec-2018jjk demo 20181211 deploy 1Kordas, John
6-Dec-2018Gregs VT Test DataNawrocki, Gregory
11-Nov-2018Gregs Test November Test DataNawrocki, Greg
Feb-2018QMUL DatasetVasiliadis, Vas
Feb-2018Mary DemoVasiliadis, Vas
Feb-2018My Datasetvasiliadis, vas
23-Oct-2018Gregs not so interesting dataNawrocki, Greg
19-Oct-2018Gregs not so interesting dataNawrocki, Greg
Feb-2018Demo PublicationVasiliadis, Vas
12-Sep-2018jjk - 20180912a deploy testKordas, John
10-Sep-2018jjk - 20180910a deploy testKordas, Jack
Feb-2018SCEC PublicationVasiliadis, Vas
Feb-2018ICR PublicationVasiliadis, Vas
Feb-2017NYSERNet DatasetVasilaidis, Vas
24-Apr-2018Test deploy 20180424Smit, John
Feb-2018NC State DatasetVasiliadis, Vas
Feb-2017Stanford PublicationVasiliadis, Vas
Datasets in Collection (sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 65
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